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We are deeply involved in the sectors we serve and keep up with the latest news. This is our take on what's happening now.

Roles that are trending

Over the past several months we’ve seen more inquiries from our clients for technology, innovation, and cybersecurity roles. The increase in new IoT internet-enabled products and applications expose industrial and supply chain companies to greater threats and demands for data protection. We have helped clients fill their demand for business-minded, information technology experts to enable increased functionality while managing risk.


  • Cybersecurity and data protection – CIO and Information Security executives in manufacturing and supply chain & logistics companies to solve challenges related to increased technology embedded in products, service offerings, and increasing chain of custody requirements
  • Aftermarket services – sales and marketing executives to address unmet needs for analytics and value added services in traditionally product-oriented companies
  • Bench-building – continuous recruiting projects to attract rising executives and senior executives as a proactive strategy to build succession pools


  • Engineering and product management executives focused on design and innovation of products associated with electric vehicles (EV) and the internet of things (IoT) in power electrical and power electronics products


  • Project management executives to handle a sustained uptick in commercial and institutional construction projects and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure design/development
  • Operating executives that stretch beyond operational improvement and are adept at developing practical, long-range strategies for growth

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