About Us

Small Company Agility With Large Company Reach

Deep experience in both large and small recruiting firms lends ISP the advantages of both while minimizing their limitations. Most importantly:

  • Accountability – An experienced partner will lead and execute every aspect of your search
  • High Rate of Success – 96% success rate over 20+ years (larger competitors have completion rates as low as 70%)
  • Commitment – ISP invests the time to know you well prior to embarking on each project
  • Flexibility – Out-of-the-box thinking, problem solving attitude, and adaptive pricing
  • First-Hand Industry Knowledge – Actual experience in sectors served
  • Global Expertise – Hands-on experience in Europe and Asia
  • No Conflicts of Interest – We have a fraction of current conflicts or off-limits constraints that hinder larger firms

A platform for successful recruitment:

  • Focus on the attainable goals and milestones for the position not the “spec.” Keep asking, “What does success look like for this individual in 1-2 years?”
  • Diversity of thought, style and perspective are important. Avoid hiring in your own likeness while still achieving an ideal “fit”
  • Be frank about the challenges and obstacles faced in the project. If we acknowledge issues, they can be addressed
  • Try to ensure that any surprises to the candidate are pleasant ones
  • Demand that your search partners understand your business more deeply than just the current assignment
  • Successful recruitment is predicated on excellent sales skills. Help your recruiter sell all the great things about your organization while being forthright about the challenges
  • Engage in true partnership during the entire process
  • Take an active role
  • Give your search firm unabashed feedback on candidates, interview results and the overall process
  • When you have identified a finalist caliber candidate, move forward. There is a “cadence to every search project” and a half-life to candidate interest and enthusiasm

A hands-on thorough recruitment process

ISP takes pride in maintaining hands-on partner management and involvement throughout the entire search project while you benefit from ongoing attention and availability. Establishing a trusting relationship with you is of the utmost importance, so from the outset ISP spends a significant amount of time getting to know your organization.

The firm establishes a solid understanding of your organizational requirements and business culture, as well as specific business experience and expectations. ISP recognizes that the failure of a candidate post-hire is generally not due to a lack of background or experience, but rather his/her cultural fit within an organization. The necessity of a candidate’s successful integration into an organization’s unique corporate landscape is understood.

After a thorough assessment of the position and candidate requirements, ISP researches an extensive database and leverages industry access to senior executives to develop a list of qualified candidates. Candidates are then extensively evaluated through a series of personal interviews.

A proven, successful candidate assessment philosophy:

  • A reputation for high achievement within industry or functional group is mandatory
  • International/multi-cultural experience is neither good nor bad, just different
  • Leaders work and relate well with their intellectual equals, but intelligence without arrogance is the key
  • Never sacrifice executive presence and keen relationship-building skills for technical skills
  • A history of achievement and results is an excellent indicator of future performance
  • Honor and integrity are factors that cannot be compromised
  • Leadership skills and interpersonal style are critical for a good cultural fit
  • An outstanding work ethic is indispensable
  • A solid reputation for organization development will help avoid future needs for executive recruiting
  • There is no replacement for experience: we seek achievement in a prior comparable position or extensive preparatory experience