What makes the Industrial Search Partners Experience better than working with other firms?

We have the most transparent search process in the industry

Using our online tool means you have real-time access to all candidate information and where they are in the process at any time. You do not have to call or wait for a report to see how the search is going.

We can sell your company better than you can

We can sell your company better than you can. Your hiring manager is a professional in his or her own right. Our skill set lies in selling our clients’ value proposition. We know how to reach, engage and engender interest in the right candidates. We advise candidates within the context of their own careers.

We are veteran partners with deep industry experience

We understand your business. We engage with the candidate at a deeper level to assess competency and fit. The success of our placed candidates reflect our success as a search firm. We present only the most qualified candidates that will fit with your culture well. 

We have a broad network of highly specialized talent

Thanks to our relationships in the industry, we can complete your search faster while capturing all the collateral benefits, such as market insight, competitor intelligence and the voice of the customer.

Our size and structure enables agility, speed and personal touch

With only four team members, we act faster than the institutional investor-controlled big firms. Clients have a dedicated team working on your search beginning to end.

We are unencumbered by the off limits that big firms have

We can source candidates from companies our large competitors can’t, because our larger competitors already do business with them – either directly in search or other services. (This is multiplied exponentially when diversity is important.) When you work with us, you have a more robust and diverse slate of qualified candidates to choose from. You select the best the market has to offer.

Our global reach means we are doing business where you are

With our decades of search experience with businesses around the world, we have trusted colleagues in principal cities we can work with when you need to recruit locally.